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    Does anyone else ever think about someone you're not in contact with anymore, and you may still have feelings for them, and you think about them constantly but you realize that they will probably never even remember you ever again. It's so hard thinking of all the happy times we had that I can't get out of my mind. All I can think of is your smile, and your laugh that was so contagious, and your long hair that you used to whip in my face, and the long talks we would have, the way you made me blush when you would flirt with me, the way you could always cheer up, and the way you would come to me and cry on my shoulder and I would hug you and comfort you for hours, everything about you. I loved you more than anyone I have ever loved in my whole life, you keep me up at night. But distance not even 20 miles made us grow apart, I still regret not doing everything I could to stay with you every day. Now I will never see you again and you probably don't even remember my name. I miss you.