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on my own for a week

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Today my brother & mum have gone on holiday for a week. Because of my trial i have to stay at this address. My mother in law died 2 years ago today. Because my inlaws are now beginning to think i committed these heinous crimes and again because of bail conditions i cannot see them or my wife. I know im innocent but i am so so scared. Ive found tge whiskey my brother hid after last time.
don't drink just get through the week and enjoy the time away from everyone. Don't stress about your trial either you know the truth and that's what matters.


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Don't let those negative thoughts control how you are doing.. Try and stay positive.,.Use visualisation.. Think of soewhere cool and calm, And breath in thru your nose and out thru your mouth..These are coping skills..
I have never felt pain like this. It hurts so much. The one person i want so much in the world im not allowed to see. Im crying like a baby and i just want the pain to stop.
Hi folks. I have never felt as low as this even when i took my overdose. I cant contacrt my wife because she will hopefully coroborate the fact it was my stepson that downloaded the worst of the images.full story in why am i here section. All my wifes family were supporting me until my wife told them i was bi. She knew before we married and accepted it. Started taking meds last thurs. Feel so so lonely. <mod edit: *sparkle* methods>last night
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Anti depressants usually take time to work, usually its 6-8 weeks so you must be patient. I'm sorry you're feeling so low. I think you should go and talk to someone, such as the samaritans, would you consider that? even if it helps just a little bit, its worth it x
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