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on my way to the bridge

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On my way to that stupid bridge. That's the final one I'm going to cross. I burned all the other. No. I'm lying. Just about to burn my last one. The town looks so unaware. Kissed the kids goodbye, asked my husband if he was happy. He is. That's good.
Sorry, I won't listen to you.


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please, you don't know me i don't know you, but please don't do it.

your life is precious.

just hold on, i know how you feel but please don't go.

someone help..
you posting here is a sign youw ant help. why are you leaving your children and husband? can you not go to teh hospital instead? talk to us tell us whats happening


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Life. I guess I'm terminally ill. Depression is a terminal illness. Been struggling for over a year. That's it. Nothing is gonna change if I go home now. Nothing is ever changing.
I understand depression. I myself deal with bipolar and boarderline personality. So i do understand. Have you sought help from doctors for your depression? Depression can be treated and you can get through this and survive.


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Juniper depression isnt a terminal illness if you can get the right help and work through it all. It is no quick fix though and the journey to recovery is long and hard and worth it. I am so glad you came back home. I would suggest perhaps going to the emergency department as you sound quite desperate. At least that way you cam speak to somebody now and know the right help is starting to be put into place. Stay safe hunni and if you need to talk my pms are always open xxxxxx
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