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On reflection


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Age, similar to depression, sometimes means the reflection in the mirror is not the person inside us. Sadly when both age and depression catch up the reflection is doubly warped. I have been away from this site for a while (but even a 2 year chat ban won't stop me from dropping by) and i am glad to see some folks are still here at least trying to help. My reflection on life,its meaning and purpose has led me to the conclusion that no matter what mistakes we have made its worth it. A couple of weeks ago I celebrated (irony) 30 years of paralysis and pain. I never expected to survive this long nor if honest did i ever want to. However I am still here and I hope the people here beat the 65years i have gotten to. Ah well merely reflections on reflection.


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58 here. The weird thing is the only groups I connect with are 65 and older.

I go to the senior center, some of them have kids my age. I go to the traditional service at church and most of them are older than me.

I feel old before my time.

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