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On the edge!!!!

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Never thought that i be this close on the edge to suicide. Last night was a struggle from minute to minute and i dont know how i got threw it. I never thought that i feel this lonely orempty inside. Jan.27,06 i lost my daughter so i am left to pick up the peaces. How come no see the pain ,rage and guilt that i have inside. Do they even care ? Do they even care enought to of seen my cries for help? I guess i dont exist to them. Cant take the racing thought that have overwhelmed me night and day. Nothing i have tried seem to ease the thought. So many thought go around in my head about what i have gone threw and sooner or later the thought of side are there. I use to see hope at the end of this fight but now all i can see is darkness. I try to find something to hold on too but there's nothing left. I use to hold onto for my family but i think that they be better off without me. I have already causes them so much pain. I love them so much that i cant stand to see them in pain. Especially when i can stop their pain by taking my life. They deserve so much better than me and i dont see myself winning this fight. I cant take the PAIN NO more!!!!!


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You dying will not stop the pain for them, not in the slightest. They lost your daughter too remember.. Your not the only hurting about this. Please take care, keeping going, you can get through this

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As you approach the first anniversary of the loss of your daughter, you can expect there to be sadness and grief about equal to that of the time when she was lost. Do the best you can to get through the anniversary date. I cannot say that the grief goes away, because it doesn't, but it will lessen with time and the good memories of her will become more prominent. My thoughts are with you. :hug:
You ending your life will not help anyone, believe me. What is most important is you! but others around you will feel pain if they lose you! Its really hard and coming from me I should know its hard to be positive but I believe there is a strength we can turn to inside ourselves just pull it out, it is there!!! Be strong
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