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on the verge(language)

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i dont know what to do. I'm on the verge of cutting myself. i want to die, i feel i need and deserve to die. I feel like I am always there for people, always helping which trust me i thrive upon b/c i care more about others than i do myself. BUT the one time i ask for help the ONE fuckin' time.....nothing. So i see my value here, I see my value to others and i accept my fate. I accept that I deserve to die, that I should slit and it won't fuckin' matter in the end...that no one here will notice and no one here will miss me b/c there was nothing to miss. My usual rantings that really went unnoticed. I feel more alone than ever, i feel so empty, so fuckin numb. I don't care anymore...ive given up on caring and the resolution is to make it all go away.

I'm sorry to those that have talked to me....that maybe even tried a little or fought a little....but it doesnt matter.


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Some people are like that, unfortunately. But sometimes miscommunication occurs and just their misconceptions of you (like them not expecting you to be the 'suicide' type and not taking you seriously.)

Talk to these friends, first. Tell them exactly what you posted so they get the raw of what you feel. If they don't want to help you- say "good-bye" and get them out of your life. They don't deserve you as a friend. You're much too caring.

Don't let a few selfish people ruin your outlook on life. I care and SF cares. PM me. We'll talk. :smile:

jane doe

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please hun try to not feel like this, because nobody deserves to die, and you aren´t alone you have us and i will be gladly here to listen you and support you in everyway i can, i just wanted to ask you please don´t hurt yourself because i do it and there´s no way back. pm me at any time i´m here:)take care.


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KELL !!!!!!! why the fuck didn't you PM me or flag me on MSN ????

Don't let anyone make you feel like this....:hug: :hug: :hug:


I can assure you that someone would miss you. I am not sure you are as worthless as you think; if you are trying to help people then your life is by no means worthless. I know sometimes it can feel like the whole world is just ignoring you, that you bust your butt to help someone and when you need help it seems everyone has a tendency to pass you up at that time. If you want, feel free to PM me, I can promise I can respond right away but I am always willing to listen and lend a hand.



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Ishtar posted a thread looking for you in Crisis area. People do care, they just have their **** to face too.

We all feel overlooked when we are needy. It feels like you must SSSCCRREEEMMMMMMMM!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! in order to get the attention you need. I have stayed on my pc at times all night....sitting,searching, waiting for a friend to help me get thru a bad time.
Maybe you have friends that have too much crap in their own life, or you need more friends that know how to help. Don't give up.

most importantly, DON'T SLIT.

love you,


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There's a dichotomy to "wanting people to care". I mean it sounds good. But really these people care because they NEED you. Their lives would be better WITH you than without you. How obligatory! :ohmy:

I'm supposed to "live" so I can attend some a 2 hour pocket of time called "Thanksgiving Dinner". Fuck - so I live 365 days a year so I can give you TWO HOURS!? How about I'm dead and the mystical cloud prophets can allot me 2 hours each year to see family/friends at Thanksgiving. I want that!
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