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    On your side! - This is slogan used by the British Labour Party.
    When local MP sends letters or literature with it on it makes me angry because they are NOT on my side. I am one of the people they kept preaching against.

    So I ask, who is really on my side?
    Then, what sort of person would I like to have on my side?
    The sort of person I would like to have on side would be:
    Someone who had been in prison or mental hospital, who did not preach morality so I could feel safe from disapproval because whatever bad thing I may have done they have done something much worse. Someone who was intelligent but did not boast about any formal qualifications if they did have any. Someone with a sense of humour who had a kind streak but was capable of acting tough. And who liked me.
    What sort of person would you like to have , On Your Side!?
Thread Status:
Not open for further replies.