Once again my life is making a huge ugly sucking noise

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  1. About a month ago I had a major migraine that lasted over a week. Went to the emergency once & the Dr twice. I finally got rid of the migraine but while I had it I started losing sight in my left eye. It cleared up for a while but came back recently. Not the migraine but the vision loss in my left eye. It's fine when i 1st wake up in the morning by within a couple of hours it's like a white film forms in my vision. Not a film on my eye but an optical vision of a white film. Now my eye is starting to ache. I have been to an eye Dr & he checked for retinal detachment but there is no detachment. He recommended I see an ocular neurologist & an MRI. I have no health insurance and tried to put it off but now there is pain with it. So now I have called my regular Dr and she says I really need an MRI asap. So not only do I not have any heath insurance, now I have no income because of the idiots I was working for laid me off and did not pay any unemployment to the state so I was denied.

    My life just seems to get crappier & crappier!

    I truly do not know how much more I can take!!!
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    This is a saddening story of which I don't really know how to give advice to. In Australia private health insurance is not quite as a necessity as in America as we have Medicare. If you seriously need money for urgent medical treatment, and you lack any means, the best way would be to type an eloquent, very long, paper about your story and mayhap try to get your voice heard in social media networks or your local media (mayhap even abroad). In times of desperation it pays off to let your entire heart out onto the publics. There are individuals in much better situations that earnestly care (I certainly hope so, and I pray for this). If there is no solution for the problem maybe it is best to release your frustration by seeking the pleasures in life (I don't exactly mean sex or food) like pursuing a purpose that will lead to eudaimonia in the long or near term. Sometimes impediments make us all the more determinant, sometimes it does the opposite but that is a trap that should be avoided with all you can. I am sorry I cannot help much, I have some problems of my own. :'(
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    Go get your MRI done - they will not refuse to do it if a Dr orders it at a hospital instead of a private imaging lab - and would do at least a CT right at emergency room on the spot. Set up a payment plan after the fact - I have a friend that had open heart surgery and a bill of over $40k and is making payments of $20/ month because that is what he can afford.
    You can certainly get treatment regardless of ability to to pay now and if you are unemployed and no availability to get get cobra or money to do so go file for medicaid - if it is a long time before working again and gets approved (based on no income it likely will) then the application date will be before treatment and you can also use that as insurance information "pending medicaid application". Health is more important than money - since you have neither right now get the treatment and if you cant pay for it you get a ding on credit report for a couple years - there has been no debtor prison for 100 years or so...
  4. Thank you Percarus.
    Just knowing someone somewhere cares really helps. I am an artist so I am trying to escape the terribleness of this through my art. Unfortunately it is difficult since my sight is causing me problems but I am trying anyway.
  5. Thank you too NY JmpMaster
    I took your advice and called one of the local hospitals. They were actually very helpful. As it turns out they have a financial assistance program. I got my MRI scheduled for tomorrow and only have to pay an initial deposit of $50. After that they will determine based on my situation and income what the final cost will be. There truly are some caring people out there. After all that has happened I was beginning to lose faith that there are people with compassion. I have to say to that this forum has been so very helpful. Now hopefully I can start to move forward again & pursue my dreams of finally making it as an artist. It may be somewhat late in life but I am finding out it's really never too late.

    I also plan to pay it forward whenever possible. I will be watching the forum & hope I can give someone hope like many here have given me.
  6. Had my MRI today. The results are already in but I won't know till Monday. The Drs office left a message on my voice mail to come in for an appt. to discuss the results & treatment. I have a terrible feeling the results are really bad. Now I have to wait all weekend wondering...
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    Let us know how it goes. Thinking of you.
  8. I am so dam done!
    Now they tell me I need surgery and a ct scan before the surgery. They say I can't get this done at the 1st medical center I went to that offers financial assistance and the hospital that does it won't see me without $500 up front and I still have not gotten even one unemployment check and I am going blind in my left eye and in daily excruciating pain. I have had 2 job interviews and have another one tomorrow. Who's going to hire a graphic designer that is half blind. Oh and I can't get any assistance from the state because of the pending unemployment claim.
    Dammit I am so done with ugly messed up country!!!!