One Down, One to Go

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  1. Cicada 3301

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    For those of you that don't know, I am studying for a degree in Business Management and HRM. I've faced a lot of issues with university in the last 2 years as a result of depression, anxiety and personal commitments. I was also wrongfully accused of plagiarism and this led to me receiving an academic offence and having to defer a module into this year.

    But this is a positive story, or will be by the end, so, enough about that. I'm not entirely sure where to begin, but I had a deadline for a critical HRM assignment today at 4. I worked through the night to complete it and gave it to my mum to proof in the morning. She took longer than expected, it was only a 3000 word portfolio (+/- 10%). Soon enough it was noon and I was getting ready to give a final read through before submitting online and printing to hand in a hard copy. Finally, I was done by 1 and tried uploading to the electronic service, but no, after 4 years without issue it chose today to be an ass. I called the IT services numerous times and after the basic "have you tried turning it off and on again" and "clear your cash, cookies and history" I asked them to note my issue and provide a reference number. 1 soon became 2 and I still had a hard copy to submit to the university. I'm getting to the point, just bare with me lol. They told me to email my tutor and inform her of the problem. So, I did that, had a smoke, ran upstairs, brushed my teeth, washed my hair (no time for a shower haha) and got in my taxi (mum's car) to the university. I knew I had adequate time, but just like my dissertation and every other assignment before it, I am always afraid. Something, anything could go wrong and then I'm in the shitter.

    That didn't happen though, and I got to the university at 2:45. Oh yeah, I've still got time. I filled in the info, double checked the pages and handed it in. The time stamp read "2:52". This was a victory ipso facto, but I'm still nervous. I even asked the lady there and she said as long as you've emailed your tutor it should be okay because other students are having the same problems. To hear that was such a relief, but I didn't really want to bank on "should". My teacher had already caused problems in the past and I didn't want to give her an opportunity to make something out of nothing. I tried submitting on campus, but no, it didn't work. I did however see a message about the service having issues. At this point I just thought fuck it. I've covered all my bases, I've made several phone calls to IT, I've sent an email to my tutor, I've got a receipt for my hard copy submission, I've spoken to the Student Advice Center, hell, I even took pictures of the receipt and service message, and a print screen for good luck. There is no way I can be held accountable for something I can't control, right? It's just past 3 now and I give a final call in to IT to make sure I have covered all ground. "Oh hi there, there is a global issue with the service across all campuses and universities in the UK." Hahahahahahahahaha. I went home, it's now 3:47 (after school traffic) so I emailed my tutor to update her. I thought that while I'm here on my laptop I'll have one last check to see what's going on. Funnily enough at 3:49, a mere 11 minutes from the deadline I was able to access the service and I successfully submitted an electronic copy of my portfolio. I sent a final email to my tutor and here I am over two hours later, still with a smile on my face. I am extremely happy and really believe I can finish this degree. I don't have to worry about emailing my tutor and sorting this mess out at a later date. It's done, it's finished, and after one more assignment which is due in April; I hope to graduate. Hence the title, "one down, one to go".

    TL;DR I submitted my assignment. I only have one left to go before I (hopefully) graduate.
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    Forgive me for the length. I only got an hours sleep.

    One other thing, I ordered Dominos at 2 in the morning. I polished the rest of it off when I got home and washed it down with Dr. Pepper. I have a happy tummy and a happy mind :)
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    Awesome job !
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