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One Dream

Discussion in 'Midnight Owl' started by AfterFact, Apr 28, 2012.

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  1. AfterFact

    AfterFact Well-Known Member

    I only remember one dream in my life. I was 4 years old at the time, this is my first memory as far as I know, it is this memory that have. Its description has changed over time, as has my perceptions.

    A red and orange sheet is above me, I'm standing below it, what I'm standing on is not clear, only darkness can be seen at my feet. Above me, the sheet becomes more detailed, it becomes alive, it is fire, and I am below it, whatever lies above has rejected me, damned me even, this is all I see.

    When I wake up from this dream, My 9 year old sister is waking me up, it is morning. I try to open the door, but I am too small, I cant reach it. My sister grins at me, and opens it for me.
    Thats it, thats all I remember. This was over 12 years ago.
    I havent remembered a dream since.
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