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    No doubt soon I’ll be gone,
    With no one to cry,
    Or to mourn,
    I’ve pushed them all away,
    What a bitch they say,
    But really what goes on inside,
    I have to hide.

    I am what I am,
    Only I can change that,
    So get used to it,
    You selfish t**t.

    Each line is for someone different,
    Someone once who was close,
    But now you’re gone,
    Maybe I’ll overdose?
    Maybe I’ll make it quick,
    Or make it slow,
    Because I deserve the pain?
    What do you say, Elaine?

    I’m pathetic, useless and worthless,
    No good here,
    Just a waste of space,
    I’ll crawl into a corner,
    Away from this place.

    I’m under pressure,
    To be right in every single way,
    Do this do that,
    They always say.

    I’ve tried and tried to do it,
    And people say it’s a sign,
    That I’m meant to be here,
    What a load of bullsh*te.

    Tried to make my story,
    An odd one,
    Just like me,
    Maybe you’ll now see,
    I’m worse than I used to be.

    Things got worse,
    But you thought I was a pain,
    Attempt again and again,
    One successful time,
    Motivation I do not lack,
    You’ll see in the end,
    You can’t have me back.

    So this is it,
    The end is near,
    Reach for the knife,
    I do not fear,
    With my happiness mapped out,
    Covonia cough medicine with clout!
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