One hour normal Yesterday.

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    Friday I felt normal for about an hour. Yesterday I felt normal on and off for about 3 hours. Today I woke up depressed. Been trying to fight it all morning. I am going wake-surfing in 30 minutes. I don't want to go but I am hoping if I do, I'll become normal for a bit.

    Yesterday in an effort keep busy, I jetskied to lunch with some friends and my wife. Then I went to a house warming party at 5:00. That's why I think I got normal for 3 hours, plus week 8 of prosac.

    I am started to get worried about the week. Nothing to do at work, and when I work from home to depressed to do anything. Our BP is still not done, my partner is dragging his feet, because other work that's pays the bills is in the way.

    If we can get the BP done and get funding, and the product works, I believe I would be set. Those are all really big if's. Any way, I have to go get ready to Wake surf. So I am off.

    When I get back I will be calling my partner to go over the BP. He's supposed to be working on it right now. Hopefully he'll have something done when I get back.
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    I'm glad that you are continuing to go out and do things despite feeling depressed. That's really hard to do. I think that keeping busy will help. When I go to class and talk to my friends there I feel more normal too. Have you found that the Prozac is helping lift up your mood since you've been taking it for a little bit?

    I don't know what a BP is but hope it got finished or will be finished soon and you can move forward in your business.
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    Business Plan?
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    Correct Business Plan. The prozac is helping and getting out is helping. But I still need to take care of my major issues. Which I am trying to do.
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    Hope. You give hope.