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  1. Prof.Bruttenholm

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    Most of my time recently has been spent trying to vent in the journal, I was told it would help me let out emotional anxieties and other stress causing stuff.

    Well it didnt, in fact, I am more stressed out than ever before.

    My life has come down to simply, stressing out about practicing and work on my design/art abilities to make a working portfolio.
    I have 2 weeks before my last semester at my current college and I try to move on to a four year college.
    But if I dont have a working portfolio, I have little to no chance to getting into a good art college, then I have no chance of getting a job/career as a graphic designer.

    I cant take time off. I hate my job, my life, my body, myself.
    If I cant achieve my dream, then I will kill myself.
  2. total eclipse

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    i hope you can take the time necessary to just go for that dream okay
    set out a small task each day and accomplish it just do it as each task is completed it will propel you to do more. Good luck
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    Yes entering in your journal is stressful. Those entries are usually things that you cant or havent shared with anyone else. Testimonials if you will. To your inner and outer struggles with your pain and demons. Who wouldnt be stressed out seeing parts of themselves that have been hidden deep away, suddenly laying there for others to see. It's unnerving to say the least. But as much as it is stressful to see those things there, things that you may very well of been denying even to yourself, it does help us to move on. Not always in a positive way or on a better path. But it is growth nevertheless. And growth needs some stress, fear anxiety, before it can truly happen. Without some amounts of stress in our lives we can become stagnant.

    If you ever want to step away from the safety net of your journal and talk to someone else drop me a pm. If I am to believe the words I just posted here, then I'm a stressed out nut case by the number of entries in my journal/diary....but still a good listener (lol).
  4. Prof.Bruttenholm

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    No thank you.
    As for posting in the journal, I am an open book about my problems, so there is no stress for me.