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One more final... triggered as ever

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I am triggered as heck... trying to remind myself that I have been here before and pulled things off..

I have my algebra final tomorrow... ii am in a good position to get the grade I want in the class.

Still... as I study I find the old thoughts crossing my mind...

Why wait for death when you know you are going to fail?
I should not think this way because it is not necessarily true... there is a chance I pull things off.

Even if I do pass I am no closer to a career
This unfortunately is true.

Go do something expensive to destress
I will not manage my money like a suicidal person.

Despite all of this... I am scared as hell right now... I hate tests, I hate failure... I wish I did not feel this way and part of me still thinks I shouldn't... but dang.


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Just put one foot in front of the other and you will get through this one too...and then all the finals will be over...best of luck...J


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you only truly fail when you dont give it ur best. i failed high school because i didnt try at all. if you go in and go hard it doesnt matter what happens because you told urself to give it ur all. just remember this, the road to failure can be a painful end, the road to victory is never accepting failure.
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