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    If I read another thread or post about someone WANTINGto get cancer I swear I will fucking loose it!! I HAVE CANCER! If you want it come and take it. I never asked for it, or begged for it or even thought about it. I have been suffering 3 long years with it. It tears away at me everyday. It puts constant fear into my 4 children. And I am forced to go through this alone. Trust me, you don't want it. And it plays with you too. My docs and I thought it was gone, but I just found out it is back and stronger than ever!! Too much for weak pathetic me!! What makes others think it would be a good way to suicide? The most ridiculous thing I have ever heard. I figure most people that want to suidcide are trying to end their pain, not prolong it. So please stop wishing for it. Someday you may find out you got your wish!!!
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    If I could take it from you or anyone else undeserving, I would
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    Just wanted to say how sorry I was to hear you have cancer. I'm new on here and happened to read a few threads of people wishing they had cancer so they could die and I have to be honest it made me really angry as my mum has had cancer on and off for 5 years and its no joke we've been through hell and back as I'm sure you and your family have. I am sorry to hear that the cancer has come back I really hope they can get on top of it. My mum has another scan next week. I wish you well.

    So to anybody who thinks getting cancer is a ticket out of here please give a second thought to the people who have the illness and would do anything to get rid of it and to the relatives and friends who have to watch there loved ones go through hell
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    Thanks Lead and Shazz. But I'm not looking for support. I'm really pissed that some people think cancer is easy. "Hey I want cancer to kill me". NO YOU DON'T!!! I wouldn't wish this on my enemies! And what it is doing to my children kills me a little more each day. Yeah, some day it is going to kill me, but what it does in the mean time is completely unbelievable!!!! I just want those people to really think before they say such a stupid, hurtful thing.
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    As I said in the PM I am sorry about your illness :hug:
    You knw my past, so I wont bore you :smile:

    It really pisses me off too. I have had to have the "Heal" forum blocked from me becuse there were a few posts on there about cancer and cigarettes etc that I found really triggering do I know wat you mean.

    Obviously I don't know what you personally are going through, but I know what your children and family/friends are goingt hrough and it is HELL.

    People that say things like "I want cancer" have never experienced anything like that, they are naive and immature.

    Please don't let them get to you.

    Love ya :hug:
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    Okay, there it is, that last post! ske3sdgkopJ*(&**(KLdfkk9e&*%^$*(klaasfjk. I just lost it. How do I make these people understand?

    And thanks Sam, I know you are dealing with your own terrible demons about cancer. Hang tough kitten, you have many here that love ya!
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    Sending my love
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    I don't know why I've come on here again just this whole thing about people wishing they could get cancer so they could die has really got me angry. My mum has been through hell over the last five years and believe me is still going through hell because of cancer. It is bloody horrible to see what cancer has done to her over the years and people on here can make light of it its a joke. Having cancer is NO JOKE and maybe you should think twice before you write stuff like that that can be upsetting to others. I thought I had come to a friendly place but now I don't know what this place is all about
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    Sharon, SF is filled to the brim with wonderful members. They truly care about one another and are always willing to help others. And it is a very friendly and welcoming place. I'm just a crotchity old fart with a bee in her bonnet. I just want to make others realize that those who are suffering the effects of cancer directly or as family members, don't see it as a viable option. It destroys everything and everyone on it's own terms. Sorry about your Mom and yourself. If you ever need to chat pm me. And I belief those that make that statement are just very uneducated about cancer. I wish I could stress to them how it is hurtful to those that have it and didn't have the choice as to whether we wanted it or not. Ok, I'll shut up now. It will only fall on deaf ears anyhow.
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    I had posted something anonymously under the name I'dRather. I was talking about how I told my STBX I hoped whatever was causing the pain was cancer. I hope that did not upset you. I felt bad about that when I read this. It is not something I was desiring in my post but just something I had told my abusive husband a while back when he showed no concern for my medical problems. It made me so depressed I was hoping it would turn out to be something terminal.

    I watched my grandfather die a horrible death from cancer which he ignored until it was too late. I also have several friends who have been/are being treated for cancer at this time and I know it is not something to be taken lightly. Sometimes when we are depressed or hurting we say stupid things.