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Discussion in 'Suicidal Thoughts and Feelings' started by Otherones90210, Nov 4, 2007.

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  1. I've come to realize that the simple fact of the matter is that there is no easy answers to these kinds of things.

    If I was to be a moderator on this message board and be well trained in serving up a reply to everyone that was suicidal on this board. I would have no problem articulating an answer for every far-fetched self-hating rant that was written on this board.

    Truth be told life is well worth living. You might not end up with the guy or girl you wanted. You might not be in a position of employment or authority you desired. The piece of art you created might not convey the pro-life(pro-death) stance you hoped it would.

    Drugs albeit abuse or the lack thereof might not be the answer either. You might not be the drug kingpin your wanted to be no matter how many times you watch scarface or goodfellas. (or got youself a good connection)

    By contrast you can waste 4 or 5 years of your life and a whole lot of tuition money being a drug councellor and not make a lick of sense when it's all said and done. (You can end up being way further indepted than even the most hardcore junkie doing this by the way).

    You can put on ruses. You can flat out stalk the shit out of someone if you wanna!(I don't reccomend this though, I really don't like when people do this).

    You can be extremley judgemental and be as pro-con anything as you wannabee.

    You can say your a higher power. Or preach to folks that there is a higher power and they best watch themselves or they'll get whatfor.

    You can send brothers & sisters doctors and lawyers after someone in some vain attempt to win some ridiculous war. You can even make a television show if your that kinda low-brow.

    There comes a time when you gotta realize that's enough, look yourself square in the eye and say.................not another word.

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  2. The moral of this is of course let me die for the love god what is wrong with you? There will be no more trying to build me up or tear me down or any of that strange stuff. I love you let me die every day that I spent in agony holding this in has long since grown past the point where it was funny.
  3. Why can't I delete threads on this board? I would like to delete all 17 of my posts on this board now. Please!
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    You have an hour after you post a thread to cancel it. No more.

    None can prevent another to suicide. One can show compassion, understand what another is (or has) going through, give comfort, try to lift the spirit and so forth but the decision is of each single being in the end.

    We all look for something no matter how you look at it. Finally have someone listening, a reason, anything's worth. It might just make a difference to some and none to another. could even be the simple fact of not dying anonymously without haveing share one's story...who can tell...?

    If you wrote on this board these posts, you had your reasons and reasons are as valid as any other person no matter how it comes out or verbalizes it; only the owner of a post is fully aware (well not always under certain conditions) of the meaning of each word as each express a thought or idea in its own way. I am not the one that can be of help to anyone, can't be for myself lets forget helping others, but do wish you to find what you are looking for and have a better tomorrow.

    be well and be safe
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