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    Ive taken to art on my skin
    it covers the scars so well...
    yet my parents see it as a sin.

    I hate how i look
    this changes it to beauty,
    i can finally write my own book...

    yet my body hurts so bad
    many places where it should not
    i get frustrated, then i get so sad

    Russel, i want to talk to you
    i want to tell you how i feel,
    but how do i konw if you will be true?

    i wish i could show you these words,
    but you probabally wouldnt understand
    i wish i didnt have to have this hurt.

    if there was one i would trust
    i would give my trust your way
    the situation of your profession is the but....

    i know that you must tell them
    if you feel i danger myself
    i wish my soul i could ask you to mend.

    Only one of a few christians i see,
    not much trust letf from the pain,
    i just think you already see inside me...

    ill try to find the words to explain
    ill try to open up and let you in...
    i can only hope you can take away this pain....
Thread Status:
Not open for further replies.