One of my best friends killed herself...

Discussion in 'Grief and Bereavement' started by Paige Adelina, Dec 12, 2007.

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    Probably one of the biggest reasons for me being so alone and depressed and suicidal is that one of my closest friends committed suicide last year. We were really close, and I knew she had emotional problems and stuff (this was before I ever thought seriously about suicide) but I never really understood. I tried to be there for her, but then one day she showed up to school with a tee-shirt on with cuts all over her wrists and that really shook me up. I asked her what had happened and if she was ok, and she said she was fine. But then about a week later she killed herself. I miss her so much, and I can't really talk to any of my friends about it because none of my other friends really liked her. She was different from any friend I ever had and I really loved her. I don't even know why she did it. I wish I could have understood and been there for her and I wish I could have helped her through it.
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    there was nothing you could have done hun. she was disturbed and her pain was just too much for her to bear so she was seeking relief and when that couldn't be achieved anymore, she went for final peace.

    Be strong, forgive and lover still, she is around you looking over for you not to follow her but to give you strenght. Talk to her and seek her, she will help you wherever she is.

    :hug: granny
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    So sorry for your loss paige. It's horrible to loose a friend no matter the circumstance. Try to understand that your friend did what she did to end her unrelenting pain. It sounds like you were just as good a friend to her as she to you. The fact that you did try to help and understand shows that you loved her very much. Now you have to turn to your friends here at SF to find the strength you need to carry on. You carry the memories of you friend in your heart and you need to find hope and strength to keep her memories alive. Be strong paige and pm if you need to talk.
  4. Ohhh hun *hugs you tightly*
    I know how it feels..
    I've really been thinking about suicide, I know what it's like, but I havnt lost my best friend, but I would know how it would feel.

    I think she could have had love difficulties, heartbreak causes suicide, also family difficulties. I really wish I could understand but I really feel for you... Please don't think about suicide, think about how your friends would feel, like you do now. And as for your family.... -_-'

    I really wish I could turn back the time for you, I really wish I knew the right words to say... I'm sorry *hugs* Stay safe.
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    i know how you feel good friend just ended his life 3 days ago. no one had a clue. we still don't know why. he was sooo loved by his family and all his friends. there was obviously something eating away at him he could not share with any of us,, even his closest friend. i pray he found his peace and i know he will help us through by keeping us all close. blessed be hun.
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    Losing a loved one to Suicide affects you, trust me i know.

    No doubt your friend felt she needed to kill herself, they usually try to defend their suicidal feeling by saying stuff like "its for the best". When usually its not.

    Obviously your friend was in pain, now you are too. However im pretty sure she wouldnt want you to take the same option as her.

    be strong, let us support you here at SF. If you ever need to talk just Private Message me or create a topic. :Hug:
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    Very sorry for your loss. My aunt killed herself when i was 8-it was such an empty feeling. she'd tried before, so it was not a huge surprise. but it doesn't make it any easier-there were still things we were going to do. but we couldn't-because she was gone and i don't think anyone ever told her how much she mattered.