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One of my best mates has been convicted of rape.

Discussion in 'Rape and Abuse' started by 1112222, Sep 29, 2010.

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  1. 1112222

    1112222 Well-Known Member

    I'm sorry if this is not what this sub forum is intended for but I figured this might be interesting having a friend who has convicted of rape.

    Now the story goes like this.....
    A few months ago I was shocked to find out that a good friend (who I will call john) of mine had been charged with rape. Now while me and John were close at high school (though he was a year ahead of me), both us had began to drift apart over the past two years as I had finished university and he had shifted to another part of Auckland.

    Now What happened is that the women who had made the charges against him, met him at some crappy downtown nightclub and after a few drinks together things started to get hazy. Turns out that he had been ordering doubles and triples without her knowledge and soon after she was totally fucked off her head.He told the bar tender that she was his girlfriend and then took her back to his flat. At first he denied the charges claiming that she was simply a slut who got caught cheating on his boyfriend and made up a rape story to save face, however the police were able to link him to a previous unsolved rape that had occurred when we were both still at high school. Soon after he decided to plead guilty before trial in order to get a lighter sentence.

    Now here is were I come in.
    After hearing that he had pleaded guilty, I couldn't help but feel guilty about defending him as having worked as bar tender/bouncer during my Uni days I believed his story.
    Now I know you are suppose to give your friends the benefit of the doubt when stuff like this happens but I can't help but feel like a real bastard because of this. What makes matters worse is that a few years ago a girl I knew (who was well known for being a drama *****) accused john of trying to spike w her drink with some sort of date rape drug, which everyone back then just dismissed as her trying to get back at him. Looking back now she could of been telling the truth and if we listed to her this poor women wouldn't of been raped.

    But what really makes me feel bad is that while I feel bad for his victims, I feel disappointment at him not anger.
    Disappointed that one of best friends turned out to be a real horrible piece of shit.
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  2. 1112222

    1112222 Well-Known Member

    I should also point out that I used to work with his first victim.
  3. ckeaweahe

    ckeaweahe Active Member

    To me, you dont need friends... and if theyre intentions are bad, you dont associate w them. You dont need to defend him or defend against him. If its a tough decision like that, i would stay out of it and keep my thoughts to myself if hes getting caught for it. If he gets mad at you, he isnt your friend.
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