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Discussion in 'Poet's Corner' started by SkyW, May 1, 2013.

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  1. SkyW

    SkyW Well-Known Member

    Im better off a melody
    divided into parts
    that fit into any order
    to determine and admire who i am

    an attempt at growing up
    that says to you
    You've been crowding your
    eyes with distractions
    What could be on your mind
    that guides you on your way
    Where have you been?
    Where has your innocense gone?

    Hey there, What's the matter?
    steps trace back to lousy poetry
    watermarks, and stains from oiled skin
    projecting on a pen and paper back to me

    So I struggle with some words I wrote
    in the corners of my head
    friends who know me better now
    incline themselves to memories
    to reassure the best of me

    I'll hold my own
    before I break
    I'll ground myself,
    and brace you on my back
    the weight would be the death of me
    and the consequence is never fair
    no, we are never fair

    Because all I can see in myself
    is a dishonest means of gain
    thrown in the fire to forget
    You'll sift through the ashes to discover me.
    I am selfish, I am greedy, I am incomplete.

    I suppose, though, we can wait.
    under a vice of indecision
    or demonstrate some Call to action
    and learn to take for granted who we love
  2. Brickwall

    Brickwall Member

    Hey, Skylar---I read your first post from yesterday, so I was psyched to see you'd posted some of your song lyrics. (I too am a musician/songwriter.) What I like most is that your lyrics don't rhyme---they read more like a poem. That's daring in this world of abab pop-song rhyme schemes! They're also abstract instead of obvious, which is cool too.

    I related to your personal struggles as well---suicidal thoughts and self-harming---and how you used music as an emotional and creative outlet.

    Thanks for posting your lyrics---it's very brave! :)
  3. SkyW

    SkyW Well-Known Member

    aww thanks! :) When I have the song recorded, I'll post it ^^
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