One of my Stupid Rants.

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    Dear Life;

    You wish I was a happier person? You wish I was a better person? Well whenever I try to become more of those 2 things, you fuckin' ruin it for me and make me who I am all over again. Why are you so harsh? Why do I find the fact that you're not worth living anymore and you never was for me? You're so unfair, You're so stupid, You're so aggravating, I'M SICK OF YOU! I'll regret this later but for now I'm so pissed that I don't care. I don't live by your rules, never have and never will. Rebel until my time comes or I'm ready to end it all, which could be very soon. I tried making everything the best I could, but like always, you RUIN IT. You think after generations of misery, you would learn from your mistakes and try to fix them instead of recreating them. Is it you, is it me? Maybe its the both of us! Doesn't matter, I'm sick of me just as much as I'm sick of you.

    (For those who read: I don't usually like to sound this mean but I needed to release some anger.)
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    I'm adding on to my rant... I hate cops! They put my step dad in jail accusing him of being drunk without even testing him! Hes not drunk hes stressed out! Why don't cops worry about arresting all these damn rapists and kid snatchers here lately instead of innocent stressed out people!?!?
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    I agree totally keep ranting okay get the dam anger out where it belongs not inside i do hate cops too they think they are above everyone and everything
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    Okay :)
    & Yes they do think that but they aren't =_=.
    The ones around here suck.