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    During the days and weeks after my wife took the kids and all the stuff and left me, filing for divorce and the whole nine yards, I was at my lowest.

    And during those days, I had to decide daily whether I wanted to live to see another day. One thing I knew, from the get go, was that as long as I WAS going to live another day, I needed money. So I kept working.

    The part time job was the hardest. Delivering pizza's to families in nice homes on the weekends. Seeing dad's playing with their kids, stuff like that.

    It got to the point, where everyday I worked that part time job, I mean for weeks at a time, I would have an emotional breakdown, EVERY DAY.

    So it was that on one Sunday, I had to deliver like 10 pizza's to one of the mega churches in town. (Not the one I go to). It was shortly after service when I arrived. I managed to get the pizza's to their location, but sure enough, I had a break down.

    One of the staff Pastor's pulled me aside and we talked and prayed.

    He told me, that God was going to work miracles in me, that quite frankly, I couldnt even begin to see or comprehend.

    That was last October 2008. By July 2009 I was playing drums in the best praise team group in the area, at a church that is attended by over 1100 a week in all activities, 700 of which hit our services, and by Aug 2009 I was reconciling my marriage.

    My faith grows stronger every day. I owe it all to HIM. I now exist for Him and He will use me as a tool of faith and as a light, to show the way to the Lord for all who would follow.
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    It's about healing

    That's great Bill.

    I know it's hard sometimes when people reject you because of what belief system you follow.

    I think the one trait people need to learn is tolerance. I don't mean 'They're idiots but I'll tolerate them'. I mean if something you see in someone's behaviour or actions you disagree with in terms of your system of logic (lacking omniscience and omnipotence), you don't attack, and you don't defend unless there is malice involved. You just love and accept and try to show sensitivity and gentle understanding, and you treat them as human beings with the most precious gift you can show them - compassion. If someone lives for their finite life only even, this will make them live on in the hearts of others when they are gone. This will show others that they were different, stood out, and made a mark, not in academia or occupation but where it counted - in simplicity and humility.

    This works from both sides of the coin.

    I am so glad you have something to believe in, it's nice to have something which keeps us strong. If I didn't have that something, I probably wouldn't be alive, I would have been utterly destroyed, I would not have been able to cope, as my life and future are too horrific.

    People's faith is wondrous to me. Sometimes it brings out pride and hurt, yet often it brings out inner beauty, hope, redemption, peace and goodwill, as well as more importantly, forgiveness, not just a forgiveness of others, but a forgiveness of self, which is more important. It is through compassion for others that we find these forgivenesses. But the most important gift is hope, I simply cannot imagine having my consciousness created whenever it was to have it die in less than a paltry century (paltry compared with the infinity of time and space) - the death of awareness, I cannot imagine a worse death, maybe some will say it's okay and say 'be tough, be an adult, be rational', thoughts like that about a death of that kind make me shudder.

    Follow darkness and you will be locked in a duel with yourself for a long, long time. Follow the light and you will heal yourself, and guide the paths of others.

    Follow the light Bill. Good luck on your path, and in your spirituality. I've seen some of your other threads - a lot of people love you to bits, I care about you too.

    Peace be with you. :hugtackles:
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  4. Godsdrummer

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    Thanks! ((((((hugs))))))
  5. DrivEthermissIon

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    Your welcome :hugtackles:
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    :hug: bill. thanks for sharing that :arms:
  7. Godsdrummer

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    Thanks Sparkle!
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