One Of Stupidity

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    the night sky shines black
    the feeling a part of me whole
    stupidity haunts me
    why cant i escape that

    harming is my temptation
    something i cant resist.
    i deserve more than what i do to myself
    why dont you all hate me then?

    probabally do deep down inside
    im good at hiding things too
    your not the only one,
    and with you im not going to fight

    you mention something prbabally hurting me
    stupid big mouth of mine
    they say not to worry about what others think
    i dont want to cause the hurting

    i shouldnt speak to others
    should be in a padded room
    noose around my neck
    ill be as light as a feather

    my guy clenches thinking of it
    its a painful feeling
    i deserve it though
    i must do this

    i promise you i dont go unpunished
    you cant do this to me
    you can do worse though
    someday i will parish

    until then i will wish you luck
    not only do i have to deal with me
    unfortunately so do you
    so what the fuck

    Kill me for me.
Thread Status:
Not open for further replies.