One of those days.... a clusterfuck snowball

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    Today started off kinda on a bad note and is ending on a bad note.

    Seems work, friends, family and even my body is sending me negative vibes. I'm getting sick with constant cough, my back hurt my abs hurt, knees hurt.

    It seems I don't have true close friend as I have just a very few friends I talk to from time to time but am not comfortable talking to them anymore as I am further and further withdrawing into myself.

    Family got their own issues as far as I am concerned I'm a black sheep to be sarficed to the wolf to keep the flock safe for the time being but in between times of need they just push me to the side.

    Work is just another clusterfuck in itself. Its literally like the Game of the thrones with politics and immaturity. All I am doing is ingoring the BS and clock in/out as there's few out for my blood at work trying to get me involved with their pettiness/egos.
  2. Terry

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    The day is over, push it to one side and think "Thank God" that's over.
    Do what's right for you and whatever you do, STAY AWAY from office politics; I hated all that spiteful back stabbing.
    Hope tomorrow is a better day. :)
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  3. DrownedFishOnFire

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    Thanks @Terry

    A better day today!
  4. Terry

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    YAY glad to hear it :D
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