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One of those days...

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You know what I'm talking about. One of those days where everything that can go wrong.. just does.

This isn't much of a rant.. just a smidge annoyed (I love that word.. :laugh: smidge) Sorry to take up space. but as always, getting things out helps

Fell up the stairs(yes up) , running to get something I forgot, smash into the solid door head first. Hit the dog, she yelps, feel bad but keep running to find what it is I forgot. Spill my coffee on my pants in the car halfway to school, Don'tworry, not on the seat. Just my pants.... Just stuff like that. Nothing overly huge to mess things up.. Just the little things. The little things that are usually there to keep me going. Like my coffee. I swear to God I wake up every morning and don't scream at someone just because I get a coffee.

Arg. I'm kinda mad too. I have late practice tonight. Usually it's right after school.. or at about 5-7 or something.. nope. tonight its 7-9pm. Lucky me all I have for homework is a goofy english thing and basically just organizing for my new classes of the semester.

I need a vacation.
Awww Jess... (((hugs))) I get exactly what you mean - that kind of day is the kind of day that just gets on your nerves by the end of the day and you're so glad its over when it is...

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