One of those heartwrenching moments

Discussion in 'Grief and Bereavement' started by kittyD, Jun 30, 2008.

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    Oh my.:blink:
    My daughter just came in the room with a blanket my mom had made her when she was born and it was one of those moments that hit you out of the blue.:arms:
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    sounds like a cherish the moment thing for sure. i'm glad for ya take care
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    I'm still in the first year after my mom passing. However I lost my dad 12-13 years ago so I know that the first year is particularly difficult. I still have the same moments about my dad, one of them being whenever I see team of horses like in the Bud commercials, he loved them and we actually had one Percheron when I was little. I am a bit disappointed that she hasn't made any kind of contact with me, I still get signs from my dad, maybe my mom hasn't been gone long enough to learn how to. But she appears occ. to Devon, maybe thats my contact.....
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    :sad: awwww KittyD i do understand what those moments are like... *sends you the biggest hugs every* it's been 2 years since my dad passed and the wounds are still every bit as fresh... i happened upon a birthday card he had given me just before he passed the other day and it had a pic of him holding my daughter so i honestly do know how those moments are and i am always here to offer my support and hugs...
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    I know how those moments are too. You never know what may trigger a memory of them. Cherish the good memories. They can be with you for a lifetime. :hug:
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    :hug: :arms: