One of those nights

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    It's just one of those nights where things have quickly gone south. I've been bored out of my mind for the last 2 weeks, which isn't good for my thinking patterns. But I've been making it through.

    now tonight I feel like I've been ditched. I found out a friend was having a get together and was planning on going to a place I've wanted to go to for the last 5 years but have never had anyone to go with. But I wasn't invited.

    So I ask another friend if she wanted to go out to get something to eat and she said no. No biggy but then I talk to her a maybe half an hour later and she's not home. She's gone out to a sports bar that our group goes to regularly. It could be that she's on a date but i wish she would have at least told me that instead of just saying no. Now I feel like I'm just not good enough.

    I've been trying to fix my life and one way is to try dating. I've tried the online thing and I tried in person as well. I've done coffee a few times now but it's a little disappointing because none of the girls I have messaged have given any response. I've only had girls message me first and unfortunately I don't feel a nromantic attraction to any of them. But I still reply back because who knows and I like meeting new people.

    I'm just wondering "why bother" again. I haven't felt like I used to but I've never stopped wondering, what the point is. I think it would be for the better if I was just gone.
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    Hey sorry your feeling ditched It would have been nice for friends just to be upfront with you. I would be feeling down if that happen to me but don't give up okay. Keep up with the dating who knows someday one will just click and you will know it is right. Glad you can come here to just vent get things off your chest. take care.
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    Sorry your friends did that to you. :hug: I know the dating process sucks. It's frustrating when you're looking, and waiting for that real connection, and you just don't feel it. Please don't give up though!!