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One out of every seven Americans receiving public assistance to afford to live

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Food stamp participation at over 44 million.

Similar numbers of people are in poverty (Current poverty guidelines for an individual in the US and District of Columbia is roughly $10k, around $12 and $13k for Hawaii and Alaska respectively). Consider the number of individuals and families living on just barely above these poverty thresholds who are not counted in the poverty figures. The U.S. likely has a population up to quarter of which are among the working poor, in addition to the ~14.3% below the poverty line.

Census' 2009 report (published Sept. 2010) on poverty, income, insurance coverage, employment, etc. available here. (pdf document)

Things to keep in mind while watching these forthcoming Presidential candidates make their bids for 2012. FYI
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I am on benefits from the American goverment, because of voices and the like. I am not lazy by a longshot. People are not even able to get any work, because everyone is trying to compete with hundreds of others for the same jobs. Got a job for an office manager position in a city? You are pitted against hundreds of other applicants.

It's a sad state in which the US and the rest of the world is.
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