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One thing after another


Human by day, Dino by night
It’s one thing after a bloody another. Last week we had the fireman out to unstick violet from having her elbow trapped inbetween the radiator and then Alyssa kneeing violet in the face and making her bottom tooth go through her top lip. Now today, just about 20m ago, Alyssa head butted the metal gate outside in the garden, she balled her eyes out telling me the right hand side of her head was hurting, I thought it was the front of her head as it looked kinda bruised but I said to her to stop crying and we’ll go back to the stairs and I’d give her calpol, only to notice at the top of the stairs that the left side of her head was cut and bleeding. Great. Dropped everything and dialled 999 only to be told that there could be a 2hr wait for an ambulance! Ffs!!!!!


Human by day, Dino by night
oh my... I happened across this and wanted to send some love to you guys. geez that's a really crap week there.
Thankyou Matt. It comes in 3s doesn’t it. Hopefully that was the last thing, as the next day (Wednesday) was Violets (youngest) 3rd birthday. I needed to make her bday cake as well, it wasn’t what I needed! But dan took Alyssa over to a&e after waiting 3.5hrs for an ambulance to be told we shoulda just taken her straight over but the operator told me not to move her coz it was a head injury. Anyway she had to have her head glued and still has atleast another 24hrs before she can have her first hair wash.
Anyway I got violets bday cake made and her birthday was a great day

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