One Thing I Like About Islam

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From what I heard, apparently they don't believe in interest. Any loans, mortgages, debts would not have interest attached.

One other thing I like: the women are pretty hot.



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As it's being said, all 3 Abrahamic religions forbid interest, but then even the Papal States ran a bank even back at the Rennaisance, and in most of Europe it was made so that one of the few professions jews could practice is money loaning. While loans and interests have never being a big part of arab and persian history (although you must notice that development and invrestment have also being historically much smaller in the muslim world than europe and america, which decreases the need for loasns), but nowadays even banks on saudi arabia, which is ruled by the Sharia, do charge interest.

As for interest being immoral, loaning money is a much needed money in today's world, and like any other service, it deserves to get payed. Interest is that payment. By saying it's wrong to charge interest, you're saying it's wrong to be payed for working.


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Excessive interest is the issue.

THAT is usury.

Islamic banks do charge interest - they could not exist otherwise.

Credit Unions charge maybe 3% interest which is fair - because if you lend someone £10,000 for two yeas and they give £10,000 back - you lost out as that £20,000 is worth less - less buying power - diesel and food - less!

So interest is fair

Excessive interest like 33% is usury.


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There has been a recent movement in popularizing "Islamic banking" that doesn't abide by interest rules. Many such financial institutions exist, though they have a difficult time operating in other countries, as you'd imagine.
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