One time isn't enough for you?

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    It was about six years ago. You destroyed my body and took everything I had, including all self-respect and dignity I had. You tied me down and stripped me of everything. You made me feel like shit, and now you'll never let me forget. You moved away like you said. You made at least some part of me feel good - you'd be out of my life, the piece of fucking scum you are. But now? Now you're back, and from what I hear, back for good.

    Wasn't the once enough for you? You ruined my life once, but that wasn't enough to feed your need for abuse. You've come back to haunt me and destroy me once again. I'm getting my life back on track. And now you're here again. I hate walking out the door now. I hate myself. I hate you for hating me. What did I do to deserve that? I was eating my lunch, for fuck sake, and thats all. You begged me for a measly pound and when I didn't give it you, you attacked me. Made me feel like scum. You're the scum except you're not. You're the leader now. The dominant one; you have one over me. Well, you win. One way or another, I'm leaving.

    I'm sorry for not giving you money.
    I'm sorry I wasn't much fun when you raped me.
    I'm sorry once wasn't enough for you.
    I'm sorry I'm alive.
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    What happened wasn't your fault. :sad:

    All the blame is on that sick bastard.