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One time only

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Yeah im only visiting this forum one time only hopefully though I may get curious and read you guys replies.

I am a underweight black male who attends a university. I have a slight overbite and I have monetary problems.

I constantly suffer from depression and wondering why the hell do I even continue to go on... While I could never kill myself out of fear im wondering what the hell I can do to get over this. I question my purpose in life and why am I even here? I am very lonely as there are seemingly no way I could ever get a girlfriend. I am always very confident and I asked all types of girls out from fatties to skinny girls as unattractive as I am to cheerleaders and dancing dolls wondering wow can I never get any?

I have no money for a fancy car or braces as I grew up poor and the only reason im in college now is because I was really smart growing up and scored a free ride here.

I just dont know what to do anymore. It comes to the point where I have to visit a dam suicide forum looking for help and I was just wondering what advice you guys will say. Dont think it would really help at all but im wondering lol.



First of all don't know why I am replying......guessing that you might be curious enough to come back and read it???

I can't tell you why you haven't found a girl yet, only that I am pretty sure you will.

You have said that you are from a poor family and have made your way to college through pure merit, wow well done, there will be a time when you will have a good job and have your teeth the way you want them and have a nice car, you are intelligent and young, you haven't given yourself chance yet.

Also if someone is only interested in you for your appearence or your wealth it is never going to be the sort of relationship you are looking for. The girl who you will meet, the one who wants you for who you are and whats in your head not in your wallet is the girl who will make you happier.

Just my humble opinion, things are not that bad, give it time.

Good Luck xxx

I am the same on the girl friend front however my view is that stuff likes that just takes time and just going and grabbing the first passing girl is going to make me worse off later on.

Chances are some girl has noticed you but is just too nervous to say anything, just give it time and things will come around :laugh:
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