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Discussion in 'After Effects' started by etc07, Feb 20, 2010.

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    This time last year almost too the day,I made a serious suicide attempt that almost took my life. A lot of people don't understand on the outside I seem just like your every day genral happy dude with a lot of friends,but on the inside. I am in agony and pain. I have had a lot of things happen in life that hardly anyone knows about. I have add as well as depression. In high school I had major social anxiety also no one knew about they just thought I was shy sometimes. After my attempt,my parents did not found out at first. I whent to the doctor for a normal yearly checkup and told her,then I whent too the hospital for ten days and that was hell on earth,having nurses look at you like your a freak when your completley normal just have been through trauma and have a chemical imbalance. I guess why I am writing this is I have been having thoughts again and am thinking about it. Tell me your thoughts,thanks.
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    its has only been a year and that is not long - you have done well to open up about it - i am sorry you felt that low almost a year ago - i made an attempt eighteen years ago and still try to understand it even now

    it can be hard when people just see and want to interact with the "outside" - i get this as i appear very confident in social situations but i actually have social phobia/anxiety and depression and some add too - coping with major social anxiety all through high school must have been very draining and isolating

    nurses can be very insesnitive and have nonexistant people skills like some out of every profession - but it is v hard to cope with when you are soooooo low

    please try to transform you negative thoughts by recognising them and then taking positive steps - yu seem very sensitive and i am sure you talking so well about your experiences can help so many - it has helped me

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