One Year's Work, bye bye/

Discussion in 'Self Harm & Substance Abuse' started by Wiccy, Mar 14, 2012.

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  1. Wiccy

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    I've been SH free for a year. I didn't even think about it. Then suddenly I broke. I don't know what I was even thinking. I was just so angry at everything around, and I was taking it out on my boyfriend. I felt so guilty that next thing I know I've locked myself in my bathroom and gave in.

    I feel sick, but I'm fascinated by it. That little voice in my head is telling me that I missed it, but I know its wrong.

    I was orginially addicted from age 15-17. Around my 18th birthday I've stopped completely, mostly when I finally got rid of all the negative things in my life. I was so proud of myself, and so was my boyfrined (Who was also my best friend that I met on here, in fact. We've known each other ever since I was 15)

    All that work and struggling for nothing. Part of me wants to scream, and part of me feels like a giant weight has been lifted off my shoulder. With Borderline Personality, I feel like the S.H is th eonly thing keeping me from harming other people. Its my only true dependent. I don't know why I stopped.
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    Then start to collect the days again by forgiving yourself, having an understanding of what you could not express and move are too precious to be hurt
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