Ongoing war

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    Ongoing War

    Crying herself to sleep
    Wishing for the war to end
    The exhustion is too much for her
    The batles never seem to end
    Praying for an end, any end
    To the craziness and wounds
    That always get worse and worse
    THat she experiences
    Suffering in silence
    Smiling o the world
    She can't let on something's terribly worng
    If they find out, she'll get blammed
    The war will escallate
    To a level never seen
    It's not in the news,
    It can't be read about
    For this war is in herself
    Afraid to let them down
    Afraid to appear weak
    Trying to act OK
    With enimies everywhere
    Tearing her down
    She wears a suit of armor
    Being aware of all threats
    From her many enimies
    They are her own her family
    They'll blame her for what's gone on
    She says to herself "it's not my fault"
    Wishing for the courage to say it to the world
    The courage never comes, she stays to herself
    They fire their bullets
    Hoping to bring her down
    At times they succeed
    It looks like they won
    Then she gets another breath
    She finds more strength
    They're words continue to sink in
    She becomes even a worse enemy
    To herself that is
    Surrounded on the out and in
    She's trapped, no where to go
    She keeps to herself, seeking perfection
    Hoping to turn the enemies away
    THis is unlike any war or battle even seen
    There is no place to hide
    No place safe, for even a second
    Her space is even unsafe
    The enemies invade her thoughts
    Until she believes them all
    You're no good they say
    This is all your fault, you deserve it all
    We won't let you escape
    You're ours forever, until your death
    Death, she contemplates, seems heavenly
    No more torture, no more hurt, no more her
    They will be better, she will be better
    Everyone and everything would be better
    The only way out of this war is death
    She screams to herself "I WON'T QUIT!!!"
    "I WON'T LET THEM WIN!!!!"
    Confused, she tries to figure a place to hide
    She needs to rest, to feel ok, for even 5 minutes
    No place like this can she find
    Does it exist? she ponders
    No more answers or ideas come
    She continues to cry
    Wondering do I really have to die?
    Is that the only way out of this war?
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