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Discussion in 'Therapy and Medication' started by Butterfly, Jul 11, 2012.

  1. Butterfly

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    Has anyone ever had any experience with online counselling? If so, did you find it useful and what came of it? I have managed to get some online counselling sessions via a UK charity. I have to have an assessment session at some point when I can find the time, just wondered if anyone had ever had any experience with this?
  2. Joshuwa

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    When i was suffering from the sickness i was frequently getting in touch with the samaritans charity via email.
    it wasn't full on counselling though, more just i would vent over an email and someone on the other end would read it and help me deal with it.
  3. Butterfly

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    It's not like the Samaritans. It's like an instant chat thing and is a 45 minute session. Like a proper counselling session, just online.
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    That sounds like a very interesting idea. I've never heard of it. I hope that it does some good for you and I would imagine that it could be a great tool to utilize for therapeutic treatments. In theory, much like online education, it should prove to be very effective, particularly if you're not able to see somebody in person, regardless of the reason. We use computers as a form of communication so frequently, my guess is that it could work very naturally and comfortably, provided you like and get along well with your psychologist (but this would be true even if you were sitting in their office for a session). I myself am having my final scheduled appointment with my therapist of three years to-morrow, and although I respect and admire him immensely, I'm not so sure that an alternative means of therapy--something such as this--might not be better, as we've seemed to hit that wall of casualness with one another, and don't really do anything productively anymore, with respect to challenging my difficulties and helping me to get better (and improve). Maybe he just knows too much about me now and I don't care to disclose certain things to him now, for fear of how I'll be judged, I really don't know... But back to you: I wish you much success with your journey and a highly positive experience that you can grow and prosper from! Take Care.:)
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    I actually checked into this when i felt a shred of hope and a bit of motivation. I thought it could be beneficial. Beats heck out of a long drive and face to face.
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    i used online counselling 6 years ago to figure out what was actually causing my problems. im based in japan but im a brit so i used an english counsellor (sp*).
    it cost around 40 pounds for two email sessions. maybe a little expensive for some but for me at the time it was money well spent as i had no other options. i had a case worker who was highly qualified and also had lots of life experience and also lectured at universities. so i guess i got a good one. ( if you want her address just send me a message and im happy to pass it on - i think she does a system where you pay as much as you can afford )

    anyway it was extremely useful!!! seriously i never bought into it before but it was extremely good. shed ask a question id answer then we'd reflect on it and dig deeper. i used to sit at the computer for hours reflecting on everything in a balanced way and typing my replies. she could unraval my mess and direct me onto various different paths and whatever i thought needed addressing most at the time we focused on.

    it did wonders for me. it took away a lot of pain which id kept for years. it also let me look at my current problems and see which were caused by me and which were caused by others - work environment etc. she was a miracle worker and i did get a lot of relief from it. now i wouldnt hesitate to go back into it. the main reason being is that online gives you more time to reflect and not just burst into tears and come out with gibberish - which i guarantee you i would have done in a face to face session.

    it really does work so long as you take in what they say and reflect honestly to yourself. they can pick your mind like an expert locksmith. if you feel like it would help go for it asap as getting the wheels in motion helps you feel better too.
  7. Butterfly

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    I had my first online counselling session last week. It was quite good. It was like an assessment session to see if I would be suitable for online counselling and he accepted me and has offered me 6 sessions. I don't think it is going to solve all my problems, or necessarily point me in the right direction to sort things out, but I guess there is a lot of stuff I need to get off my chest that i have bottled up for 10 or so years. I have another session today, so we will see where that gets me :)
  8. birders

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    Good luck Butterfly, but no counselling can remove pain.

    Since my wife died in May I have had several attempts at counselling. I also contacted the Samaritans both by email and telephone but once they found out that I was not about to commit suicide they seemed to lose interest.

    I received "Pastoral Care" from a church minister who told me my wife died a very painful death so I did not see him again. I signed with a private counsellor and paid for four sessions. It was like talking to a bank manager who had a close eye on the clock and stopped when the time was up. Lastly, I am having one-to-one counselling from Cruse. The lady is very kind and sympathetic and I gain some comfort from talking to her.

    My honest feeling is that counselling does not offer a magic answer. All they can do is to listen and maybe offer some thoughts. As none of them had ever met my wife and knew nothing of our close relationship they cannot offer any thoughts based upon experience of us. Most of what I have been told by counsellors is freely available on many web sites but it does help to have a human being present when one is very distressed. I plan to continue with Cruse for the present.

    God Bless..
  9. Butterfly

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    Hi birders,

    Counselling doesn't remove pain but it can help you deal with it. I am having online counselling via Terrence Higgins Trust (I am HIV positive) and it is done in a chatroom environment, just me and the counsellor. I have had 4 sessions now, and it feels great just being able to talk about certain things that I could never talk about face to face.