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Online Date Ideas

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I'm not quite sure where to put this but please move it if in the wrong place.

Does anyone have any creative ideas for a virtual date night?

The fiancé and I have already toured virtual museums, watched movies, and are planning to participate in an online escape room together. No movie or tv show suggestions please. We have already tried that and it just never works.


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Can I ask why some things (like watching movies) "never work" ? Just to understand what you're looking for in a "date". :)

I suppose you can have a dinner by the candles, or grab some beers together, on skype if that's something you like. ^^ Though it may not seem like a date to some, I don't know. Just off the top of my head.


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I take it suggesting playing hide and seek to be out of the question?

Seriously though, how about watching a concert recording, or creating some art together? Or a mixologist contest - who can bang up the best cocktail/mocktail. Obviously it'll be based on visual appearnaces although facial expressions whilst taking a sip can count.


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Thanks for the suggestions everyone. These are some great ideas.

@Auri TV shows and movies cause lag and freezing, which ends up frustrating one or both of us and stalls the night.

Plus I suppose we're looking for something interactive since we're so distracted during our regular calls.

@Ash600 I like your mixologist contest suggestion, but... it'd go something like:

me (who didn't discover cocktails 'til I was 23) vs. the ex bar manager. I think the contest outcome has been predetermined, lol.


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We usually just resort to the old, “Truth OR Dare—!” ;^))...~*=> just kidding; life is a mystery. . . Don’t go for second best, baby? ; )
Truthfully, though—I’m wondering if something like this couldn’t be achieved: a like reading of sorts? So, in other words, “like if the two of you had scripts / screenplays to the same scene. . . From a movie, a tv show; what-ever! & you go and, ‘act it out!!!’) _not really sure if that’d be your guys cup of’ tea, from a sensibility, standpoint—but I can definitely think of some people from my past, who had the technology that exists to day, been around then... well—let’s just say we’d have had a ‘field day!’ :D

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