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  1. tappa

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    Anyone know of a personal trainer thats good for people with depression.
    I think gettin fit is the only thing that can improve my mood.
    The problem is things that would normally motivate me doesnt because my depression is so severe. Any chance to demotovate myself and put myself down and give up, i'll take it!
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    An internet personal trainer is not going to make you get up out of bed and exercise, you have to be willing to try to do that yourself.

    There are some coaches though on the web site and message boards where you can find some motivation and support, but they're not going to be physically there 24/7 to coddle you into getting things done. You have to be willing to learn to get disciplined to get up and just do the workouts without thinking about it. So it's ultimately up to you to give the commitment, the coaches can only give you support, and the forum helps you to be accountable and track your progress. Hope this helps.

    Add: I don't know how effective this has proven to be, but I just ran a search for "online personal trainer" and found this.
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    Are you male or female? What would you like to focus on? Do you want to be strong as hell, do you want to bodybuild, do you want to train for a sport that you've always wanted to play, run marathons, mudruns, etc? Physical training is awesome for helping with depression, but having a specific goal in mind I have always found will keep you on track and help you see progress in the big picture of things. Let me know and I can try to make some suggestions that you may want to explore.
  4. tappa

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    Im female, and i'd like to be really toned. Like abs (int&ext obliques), biceps, triceps, hamstring, quads, calves.
    I dont mean like body building women and stuff like that, just toned. Muscle not fat.
    Sport-wise i gave up karate a year ago now and i absolutely loved it, but couldnt go back like this, being this unfit. I used to put myself down as it was, if i went back like this i'd probably have a breakdown!
    Im overweight, i need to lose 2stone in fat! I need to be 8stone (without muscle) ..if i was toned it wouldnt matter but my height means i should be no heavier than 9stone. (im only 5ft2) ...and im currently 9stone 11! :cry:
    The only time i was ever happy was when i was 16 and getting fit.
    Then i got depressed and went downhill from there.
    I over eat so much and dont have the motivation to exercise.
    But if you do know anything to help or specific exercises or anything really would be greatly appreciated.
  5. Mikeintx

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    I will shoot you a PM.
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    I don't know if this is something you would be interested in or not but there is the Tone it Up diet plan and community. Katrina and Karena are online personal trainers to everyone on their plan. They are also face to face personal trainers to clients who live near them in Manhattan Beach, CA.