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    RIP Jake. Your sweet smile and gentle heart will be missed by so many. I know you were struggling and questioning why life was so difficult, but at 23 you hadn't had the chance to even work through things. I also know you never intended to leave behind you all the pain your family now faces because of your choice to suicide. Your mom and dad are beside themselves with grief and filled with feelings of guilt. They were concerned about you and some of your life choices. I wish you had taken the time to really listen to them instead of becoming so upset. Now their final memory of you is that argument and you going to the basement. Then the finality of the shotgun blast. Your brother hears that sound over and over in his mind.Kelah blames herself for not coming over as she had earlier planned. She really loved you ya know. I just wish this story had a different ending. I am also so sorry to have failed you. I thought things had turned a corner for you after our last conversation. You were talking about a real future for yourself. I want you to know your parents did honor your wish to be an organ donor. So even in death, you are giving others life.
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    This is so sad, and I am so sorry for your loss. It is a shame that so many are left with such tragic feelings of guilt and loss...a good lesson for us to remember.
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    Thanks Sadeyes. Funeral is tomorrow. It is so difficult to sing for them when they are people you knew well. I only hope his pain has ended and his family finds the strength to move forward.
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    That is so sad! My thoughts are with everyone involved.
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    I'm sorry. My cousin killed herself at 23.