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    And I'm beginning to find out things about the staff and their attitudes that really does stink.

    Discussing illegal drug use - in code - within earshot of a duty manager (who I don't think picked up on how secretive it was) - is for me, unprofessional. Do it outside work if you have to, but not where I can hear it.

    Not only that - some attitudes to work need a short sharp readjustment. It's not ideal to keep palming off cleaning and clearing to the motor-legged hall steward (usually me) - who checks claims, clears crockery/glasses to appropriate places, and dishes out prize money/change where people want it - while standing still.

    Gah - it's almost like I work with a bunch of lazies who think they can get away with doing as little as possible - but I'd love to see what the general manager brings. I'm pretty much peeved inside a week - because I can see a few things that need altering with how the staff currently are.

    I know they've been short - and worked fairly hard for a number of months on a small team - but still... *rips own hair out*
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    Hmmm...sounds like they might be testing the waters to see how you respond.

    You don't have to participate in the unprofessional talk or activities. Perhaps you could just remain pleasant, cooperative within the limits of your job description, and see how it goes. People often get tired of trying to get reactions if someone doesn't really react to things.

    I hope it fizzles out and settles down to a good working team in short order. Take care and be safe!