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Only I could drop pizza

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Okay, so Friday night is pizza night in our house. Has been for atleast 5y.

Anyway, tonight I thought I’d be a bit cocky and try carry both of the kids plates and two small dishes underneath the plates with their sauces in it, but, I didn’t wanna go back to the kitchen to get my phone, so, I decided it would be a good idea to put my phone in my mouth.
Now my initial idea was to put the plates down first and then put the phone down but instead I dropped my phone out of my mouth onto the sofa but as I did this the right plate which happened to be violets plate, dropped onto my grey fabric sofa. OMG I’ve never been so disappointed in my life lol. I kept saying to Dan “just don’t say it” I was like “I know, just don’t say anything” lol I think I’ve managed to get it out with a cloth and water *thumbup
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