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I'm visiting my mother this weekend because her birthday's on Sunday. There was a photo on my phone that I wasn't familiar with... I'm totally blind and use an iPhone, which has its own built-in screen reader. Anyway, I handed my phone to my mother so she could look at the photo, tell me what it is. Her next comment... "Your screen's dark." OK, so go back in, turn up the brightness (even though I'd set it to 50 percent for her), make sure screen curtain isn't on, hand the phone back. Nothing. Completely dark. Power off, then backup and restore... and yup, still nothing. So I have an iPhone that works perfectly for myself as a blind person, but nobody can actually look at it. It's kind of amusing, although I hope that's not an indication of the whole touch screen wiping out. I called Apple, but many of their stores are closed and I'd have to send it in. Anyone who knows me, knows I couldn't survive without my phone for more than 15 minutes. So me and my non-visual iPhone will keep plugging along until the new phones come out in the fall.


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Yeah, all the time. I haven't tried in 2 or 3 months though. But previously, I could turn the brightness up on my phone, disable Voiceover, and the sighted person could see my phone perfectly.

One possibility is that your phone isn't working the way it used to

Another is that your phone is working just fine, but someone sent you a questionable picture, and it was easier for you mom to just say there was nothing there.

Seriously, you might want to show the pic to someone other than your mom just to verify


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Lol!! That made me laugh. But no, definitely not it. I delete any photos people send me. The ones I have saved are ones people take when I hand them my phone and ask them to take them. I just happened to have 3 on the same day and didn't know which was which. I'm able to see light, and when I hold my phone at full brightness up to my eyes, there's nothing, not like there used to be. So I definitely think my phone isn't working the way it used to. As long as it does what I need it to do though, we'll get along just fine!


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The questionable picture part did make me smile though, and made me wonder how often that happens to blind people. I tell people right away that I can't see and ask them not to send me photos, but of course, some do anyway. I have no idea what they're of and don't need to know, Lol. They meet the Delete button within seconds.
The questionable picture part did make me smile though, and made me wonder how often that happens to blind people
Idk. Sometime people send pics to friends that aren't necessarily bad, just not something you'd want to show to your mom, though definitely people shouldn't send you pics of anything if you've asked them not to. I guess online it's easy enough to forget that someone is blind though. I never knew you were blind until you said something about it, and I think I has already been on SF for a couple years.


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In the past, at least on here, it was usually only mentioned because I couldn't use chat, it's never really been accessible with a screen reader. I do mention it out here more often now because I'm more limited on what I can do on SF. I can understand when people genuinely forget. Even family menbers who have known me me since the day I was born, sometimes forget. There have also been times where someone didn't believe me and tried to call me out by sending a photo. I get that it can be hard to believe, especially if someone hasn't met a blind person or heard of a screen reader. They have no idea how I could be typing to them without any vision. I'm always comfortable answering questions, but if someone flat out refuses to believe what I'm telling them, I usually just end the conversation and block if the person won't stop messaging.

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