Only one not invited to a wedding

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    A couple at my church recently had a wedding and when I saw the pictures on Facebook it looked like I was the only one not invited. I even saw this a pic of this girl that they just met three weeks ago that just started coming to my church at the wedding. Did they really invite someone they had just met three weeks before their wedding to their wedding and not me? I have been going there a year. And this person was only friends with them on Facebook since August.
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    Welcome to the forum. So sorry that you feel down but the best thing to do is not over-think about it. Yes it hurts and makes you feel very sad deep down. Dwelling on this is only going hurt your feelings more. I simple suggest that you send a nice congratulation card to the happy couple wishing them best for the future and continue with your life.

    Perhaps just unfriend them and perhaps they might realise how hurtful they have been after sending the card. You must not keep dwelling on this as it will not help you. Life is too important for you. Kept posting for support and care from this forum. You are among people who do understand what you are going through.
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    The feeling of being left out isn't nice at all. It happens to me every now and then. Incrisis's suggestion sounds good.