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only one thought

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i have such deep emotional pain that i feel trapped. my mind just keeps going back to one thought. my pain just doesnt want to go away. its been slowly growing. i dont know where to turn. its not something you can just talk about.whats the use anyway?


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the use to talking about it is that it helps let you feel like a burden has been lifted. Might not be too much but it's a start. post about it hun and let others see so we can help you through
I understand that usually it is not 'normal' conversation to tell people just how awful you are feeling, but this is one place where you can. You won't be judged, people will merely try and support you. What has led you to feel this way? Have you considered therapy or medication? Neither of them guarantee happiness, but they have helped many people start to feel a bit better, and when that happens you can build upon that. Keep posting and letting us know what is going on for you, reach out for the support you need and deserve. Take care


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I'm in therapy and I've been on at least 50 diffeent meds. Nothing works.now I'm on nothing so I can start fresh. Therapy helps but I'm afraid if they really knew they would just put me in a hospital. I just can't stand the pain anymore.and no live person to talk to.
I'm glad that therapy helps, but you need to be completely honest with them about what is going on for you. I know that it is really hard, and you probably don't want to, but the only way the can provide the adequate support is if they know the full story. I understand that hospitalization isn't what you want, but if it relieves this pain, and you are supported by professionals who can give you the support you need and help you find tools within yourself to cope with this and move on, surely that is for the best? Also, they only use hospitalization as a last resort, maybe they would be able to offer something besides that in a bid to keep you safe? I am so sorry you are hurting.. I know it is so difficult, but please try and reach out for support.

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You are doing good going to therapy now you have to try one more step okay opening up TRUST your therapist enough to help you. Youwill not be put in hospital i have told mine my thoughts and i was not put there. You can do this okay open up more and trust him;her so you can continue to heal hugs
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