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Well - oops! :tongue:

I left my bag on the bus, I think :rolleyes: and even though it's my own fault, it's still irritating!

I didn't actually notice where it went either ....

Hmmph :dry:

My dad's out chasing the bus right now, although I doubt he's gonna find my bag :dry:

*sighs frustratedely*

Oh well - I typed up all of my work, and had no outstanding homework, so that's something at least :)

We'll see what the outcome is ...
Will let you all know

:argh: :stupid2: :doh: :wtg: ;)
Nothing of value persay - I luckily had typed up all of my work etc, but I had my work from last term (on paper), in a file and on paper...
And my Zeitgeist German textbook, which I no doubt will have to pay for, if my dad's search doesnt come to fruition tonight :dry:

EDIT: There's no bus of the same bus route, going back towards where I live, so nothing can now be done untill morning .... :tantrum: - ah well ... my own fault - I guess I should live with it!
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You realise that the bus is now surounded by police, ambulance and the bomb squad !!! :laugh: :laugh: :laugh:


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That bus wasn't headed for Edinburgh airport was it... only someone left a bag there today and caused the complete evacuation of the airport for a couple of hours. Looks like your homework may have been blown to smithereens..! :wink:
Awww Joe, thats gotta suck. Once I left my aths gear at Olympic Park... ugh I got into so much trouble because the uniforn cost an absolute fortune. :dry:

I hope your dad manages to find your bag... although as everyone else has said, it might have been blown up by now hahahaha. :bleh:

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