Open University is a *&^%ing letdown

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I tried to register for a course that would normally cost around £700, but as I was filling an application form for financial support and sending additional documents to prove things about my disability. I have managed to send all this information to OU and they have received it on the deadline date. Now a week later, they've sent me a letter saying it has to be a doctor to sign the document and a practise manager doesn't count, but they told me either can do it at the start. It cost me £10 to have the practise manager sign the document. This letter was received on the day before the deadline day and I wouldn't have time to rectify this in this tight time frame. They deliberately left this at the last moment, because they know I can't rectify this in time.

Open University are dishonest discriminative incompetant idiots who don't want people with disabilty to have financial support.

And so Britain continues to crumble.


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aw dont think that. I've heard alot of good things about the OU, and know someone who uses it.

It's possible they just got to your application late and have tried their best to get it back to you intime. Do you still have time? Perhaps you can even call them to explain the time you recieved the letter?
im currently using the OU to do my degree in environmental sciences, almost completed it.
I have to say they are usually really good.Im sure its just the royal mail and the fact they have so many people applying. Its best to check on the phone if your unsure who should sign things though, they have limited funding and try to do the best they can with it.
they do have a course on most degrees running 6months apart, i know it seems a long way off but if you send the paperwork in now you will definitely be ready for when it begins!! ive done s109 s216 s104 s214 and s314 so if you want a hand (if your on the same lines) give me a shout x Amy


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I do not know much about the university you speak of, but the college I am attedning is the same way as far as financial aid goes. They want one paper after another. As soon as you give them one you get a reply in the mail asking for another. Just hang in there and keep pressing forward with it.
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