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    Hiya All

    I have results coming up for my degree course with Open University as I am hoping to progress to the next couple of modules. I'm really worried that I am not going to pass the exam which I have just completed and it's going to knock me back further into depression. I have tried not thinking about it and being positive, however it's really worrying me. I cannot under any circumstances, do absolutely nothing or just do adult community college this September that would make me feel even more depressed than I feel right now. Right now I am just struggling to get out and enjoy my voluntary job and its real push if I do that. However when I am doing something like The Open University, I want to do lots more. It kinda makes me feel less worthless.

    I have looked into many options but due my results being in July and missing the intake for the brick universities, it's now worrying me a lot more.
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    Hi @Yoyogirl86:

    I can understand the degree/schoolwork fears. I'm only a year away from finishing, and it's always one of the biggest stressors for me. I don't know about you, but I tend to overthink myself into a corner, and then the anxiety takes over and affects my work. Try to think calmly, and know that even community college can be okay (some of my favorite classes were in community college rather than uni). I know it's hard, and it feels like plans aren't working out the way they should, but plans can change, and you can still be very successful.

    Know that we are here, and if you need to talk, feel free. Stay well.
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    Don't feel worthless hun, open university is very reputable and a lot of people get jobs from it. I hope you do well in your exams, please keep us updated!! Good luck to you!
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    Community college in the UK is very different compared to other countries, for people at community college its about doing hobbies and interests which from what i gathered into in prospectus is the usual rubbish they turn out every year. There is nothing for people doing a degree and also community colleges in my area are mainly populated by my ex clients I used to see on a professional basis. The courses they mainly run are about learning about ABC and 123.
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    Learning ought to be about love for the subject. People stressing out over exams have the wrong mentality. Its about a love of learning.
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    I know its about loving the subject but at community college is very auto generated and very very casual i mean it doesn't matter if you don't turn up for weeks. they don't bother, however I have been at university and the lecturer would get an email without thinking about it if i couldn't attend. I wish community college in my area was better but in my opinion its waste of time, energy and money spent.
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    Come to the states, the community college I'm going to is actually better than the university I attended - I like it much better, smaller class sizes much better professors 1 on 1 interactions free tutoring. I would say the quality of teachers is twice as good than most universities because the professors there are not tenured they have to care, and the learning experience is much better.