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Okay, me and my most current girlfriend have been together 6 months, and I may be overreacting a lot, but I'm as insecure and paranoid as you can possibly get. Anyway, she's been talking with a couple of guys and I guessed it all seemed innocent enough. And there is a band we share a common love of, and one that means a lot to her, and she has a very personal connection with. So, she's said anybody who would sing their songs to her she would basically love, and hinted that she wanted them to be sung by me.

I see she's now asked one of these guys to sing a song from this band for her, which he's said he will do. And she replied saying she will owe him something grand. Now, me being the fucked up head case I am, am reading so much more into this. He's also posted pictures specifically for her.

Do I have cause to be concerned with that? Am I just being overly paranoid? Especially considering our 6 months is.. today of all days.. I'm refraining from mentioning anything as to save the day and not cause any conflict as we've just come off a rough patch.

Thoughts much appreciated.


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It does sound like you are being perfectly justfyable in being worried about this situation. Don't let your fears spiral out of hand for your own sanity and your GF's, as if there isn't anything going on then you could drive her away.
Communication is the best recipe in a relationship so it would be best to talk through your worries with her and explain that you love her and you don't want to lose her. You should also mention that you aren't upset that she talks to other guys but you would like the keep the 'band thing' between you as you feel closer to her that way.
Good luck and I hope things get sorted out for you, keep your chin up and you can get through this hard time.

P.S. congrats on 6 months.

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