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Opposite of Heal....Hurt??

Like most suicidal people, they want help and they want their problems to go away. But theirs a special enigma that i find in pain and depression. It feels good when you are sad....does anyone else feel this way? Like Iv talked 2 my friend before and she said the same thing, so im wondering if its trru for everybody else? Whn i cut myself, the wound hurts bt if feels good bcuz its like letting al ur emotions out, crying..and stuff. Its been a year since iv stopped cutting myself and i feel more optimistic now bt I sort of not exactly regret, but miss having the days cutting myself and feeling tht ppl care whn they tel u 2 stop cutting since a frown speaks louder than a smile. So what does everybody else think about this topic? It would b awesome to read sum feedback.


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It is very difficult to say what you need instead of acting it out...and crying is a satisfying experience because you are allowing yourself to feel...thanks for sharing this...big hugs
Well, i got this from South Park, but i think it applies. If you feel really sad, then that means you had to have felt really happy in order for that sadness to take place. So i understand what you mean. Hurting yourself in any form is not a healthy form of stress relief, and while cutting yourself may feel good (i think that is the craziest thing to say, but i used to cut as well so i know what you mean) It isnt a good way to go about it. Also cutting yourself so people will tell you to stop isnt too good either. It gets really old really fast, and your basically munipulating other peoples emotions to make yourself feel good.

I commend you for stopping your self-injury. It really is hard to stop, so congrats. in summary though, we need to feel sad in order to be happy, and vice versa. But we cant focus solely on one or the other.

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Well, I once read about some scientific discoveries that people are addicted to feelings.

You can be addicted to certain feelings and certain reactions to other people just the same way you can be addicted to drugs.

When we are addicted to a feeling we try everything, sometimes even without knowing it, to have those feelings again and again.
And whenever we don't have those feelings we long again for them and are unhappy.

There are people that are addicted to happieness..people addicted to wrath..people addicted to sadness and pain aswell.

I think I am addicted to pain.

I can relate so much to you.

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