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  1. Id like to speak to the manager of Life. Everything inside of Life is departmentized (not a word) with a clear process for filing complaints and inquiries. Mental problems? Go to your doc. Car trouble? Mechanic. Etc

    But all of these problems are a consequence of being alive. So what if you don’t like being alive to begin with? If I was created in God’s image to fulfill his mission, can’t he at least grant me a 15-minute phone conversation? Id like to talk to him about his plans, and if im not interested, we can politely part ways. Does anyone have his email?

    Parents do not have children for the child’s benefit, but rather their own selfish and usually stupid motivations. Mine committed the ultimate selfish act by creating a child in a family with a history orf mental illness and mediocrity. If your child is being born against incredible odds, it would be more humane to leave them unborn. I have decided to have no children for that reason; it would be immoral to risk putting another person through what Ive been through.

    If someone kills themselves, they will be hurting their family, OK. But you don’t choose your family and you probably don’t even like them anyway. So one is expected to eat and sh!t another pointless 60 years just to spare their feelings? Fuck that.


    After much contemplation, it seems the best route is consuming massive amounts of drugs. Id like to hear about your experiences with inexpensive and preferably non-addictive mind altering drugs. I seek apathy, emotional numbness, loss of libido, and decreased brain activity. Weight gain would be a nice perk, perhaps it could lead to heart failure.

    Thank you for your time. I understand your struggle.

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    The struggles of Life, how i can so relate.
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